Friday, 9 August 2013

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn - Fizzy Prayers

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

(Matthew 5 verse 4)

This Beatitude is talking about being really sad for the wrong things we do. Along side that, it also means being really sad about the bad stuff in the world.

Use the dissolvable vitamin tablets to help you pray about the wrong stuff. 

Use the first tablet to say sorry for the wrong things you have done, watch it dissolve as you pray. The tablet will disappear - this represents the forgiveness God promises when we say sorry and mean it.

Use the other tablet to pray about something that is bad in the world (That might be slavery, hunger, bullying - anything that you are passionate about stopping). As the tablet dissolves, pray that the bad stuff you are talking to God about would end. But remember - you may be part of the answer to that prayer!

POST SUMMER UPDATE: How did it go?

This worked to a point, but the novelty factor took over a little. On the camp, trying to make it work for 64 kids was a challenge. Using 6 stations helped, and they certainly got what we were doing. One of our boys who had ASD pointed  out the left over scum on the top of the water, saying that although God forgets when He forgives, there is always something left over (The consequences). Quite profound! I think he ‘got it’.

For the other group, I had used a different brand of vitamin tablet that had no scum, but a very strong orange smell. A great sensory experience for most, but a little too much for one child who backed away quite quickly. (In the process of being tested for ASD - so not a surprise)

For those doing this - The Wilkinson’s brand leaves scum, but not such a strong smell. The Superdrug brand is the one with a very strong smell.

NOTE: I came across this idea when working with the amazing Orison and Prayer Spaces In Schools. I just added the "pray for the bad stuff in the world" bit. 
Do check them out!

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  1. These are wonderful ideas and posts Kay. However, I think I have to stop reading them for now, as I'm becoming a blubbering emotional wreck! So awesome to hear though, thank you so much for sharing x


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