About Me & What I Do

Ok, so this is the page I always resist writing.
But I'm told it's a helpful thing to do..... so here it goes!

The Everyday Me:

A shy introvert who loves knitting, crochet, doodling and writing.
Gadget geek who appreciates real coffee (milk & one sugar please!) Dislike tea most of the time.
Definitely hate ironing.....
Married to the gorgeous Steve since 1996
Just happen to be disabled - but it doesn't stop me (often use a four wheeled beast called 'Pippin' to get around, but not all the time)
Being an introvert, I hate speaking up about stuff (and always feel guilty when I do!) but God seems to be making me do it more and more - proof He has a sense of humour!

The Working Me:

Been in full time ministry for around 22 years (I lose track of time when I'm enjoying myself)
Children's Evangelist/Children's worker, working alongside the lovely Steve.

Chair of the 'Children Matter!' Exec team.
Previously, National Director of Children Worldwide - alongside my lovely hubby Steve. (Stepped down January 2016)

Trainer and consultant in anything to do with children's work.

Passionate about safeguarding, inclusion and storytelling.

Disability Issues Campaigner, advisor & Consultant - especially in a church/faith setting (I was doing this BEFORE my disability became apparent - it's not because of my disability. I fight for others - not myself)

Disability and Additional Needs Advisor to Spring Harvest.

I Am Also:

  • A Director of Family Foundations Trust (The Charity that 'Undergirds' Children Worldwide) But stepping down in March to allow me the time to concentrate on other things.
  • One of the founders of the 'Additional Needs Alliance'
  • An occasional writer for the Children's Work Magazine
  • Serving on the Evangelical Alliance Council
  • On the Council of Reference for 'Home for Good'
  • Part of 'Churches For All'
  • An occasional blogger - mainly when I feel strongly about something!
  • And many other things that may appear occasionally.
  • And.... I'm writing a book! (Details later)

I Accountable To:
The Trustees of Family Foundations Trust (Children Worldwide)
My Council of Reference: (The link between FFT and my Church) Chris Leeson (Chair) Sharon Leeson, Kathryn Parker, Ruth Dunning, Ray Lovejoy and Marion Lovejoy
The Leadership of my 'sending' church (Knighton Free Church)