Saturday, 7 July 2012

Today has been an interesting day!

Yep - today has certainly been an interesting day!

It’s been great to meet with lots of inspiring and gifted women who are leaders in a huge spectrum of areas. Some are speakers or writers, some are quietly leading in the background, some are leaders of organisations and others are out there campaigning to change the world for the better…. Some are doing all or a mixture of these of these things!

Confession time - Being in a room full of women is my worst nightmare! I find it threatening and uncomfortable. This is mainly due to some of my own history with various women, and the fact that way, way back in the past, some “Ladies events” I’ve attended have been less than inspiring(!) 

I’m thankful to say that this shy introvert really enjoyed the day  - it was ‘real’, down to earth and very encouraging, so thanks to all who organised it, those who came and those who spoke - you were all inspiring. It's great to see such passion about changing things for women around the world - not just in our little corner of it.

But - aside from all the vibrant discussion, I ended up learning a lesson I needed to learn. It had nothing to do with what was said (As good as that was!) It was all due to a phone that refused to work.

For a disabled person 100 miles from home, being in a city like London and without a phone is a scary thing. I can’t get on a bus because it’s too far to walk to get to where I need to be, so I need to use a taxi. I can’t walk to a main road to hail a taxi - I have to ring for one. I have folk at home who worry about me and want to know I have arrived safely, and without a phone I can’t let them know!

One wonderful lady offered her phone for ringing home - and I, a vehemently independent woman, said “No - it’s ok - I can email from my kindle!” But…… the kindle wouldn’t connect to gmail!!!

So today - I had to humble myself, and ask for help. To say “Yes please, can I use your phone” and then find  the wonderful vicar of the church to ask her to ring for a taxi for me (I would normally use an app on my phone to get a taxi…. But the phone wasn’t working…)

I probably should have admitted to being in a lot of pain too - doing two days in a row in London, with very early starts and the failure of booked passenger assistance, is hard work on the body, but I probably didn’t help the situation by trying to cope with the worries caused by a dead sim card, all by myself. 

Maybe this experience will teach me to lean on God more - I hope so. I also hope it will teach me to ask for help and accept that help (And not see it as a personal sign of weakness.) I also pray it will help me to form better friendships along the way - something I would love! 

On the train going home I deliberately listened to a great song called “You Are Good” (Spring Harvest’s Fresh songs Album). Not as a reminder, but as a confirmation of God’s goodness. He didn’t cause the dead sim card - but He has used it to good effect!! 

And the sim card? A new one will arrive on Monday morning, so here’s to a very quiet Sunday :o)