Friday, 9 August 2013

Blessed Are the Meek - An Explosive Prayer

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth 
(Matt 5 v 5)

Meek sounds like weak doesn't it?

But it isn't! It's all about having the power and the strength to hurt or destroy, but choosing not to. 

You've seen how some people always get angry or constantly grumbling about things haven't you? Or seen people always trying to 'get even'?  This is the opposite of meek

Part of being meek is being content in what ever situation we find ourselves in - especially when we can't change that situation, but instead relying on God for what we need. 
(There are some situations that we can and should change - especially if we are being hurt by someone. If this is the case, we should ask someone we trust for help. This isn't getting your own back, it's keeping ourselves and others safe.)

This is not about being a 'doormat'. It's about responding to people and situations in a way that makes God happy.

We're using Fun Snaps to pray about meekness!

These are amazing - if only the explosive part of them were in the packaging, it would be really dangerous and could hurt. But those who make them have put other things in them to make them safer - they are still effective (They go bang!) but they don't hurt you.

With God in our lives, we can be really effective - but we can choose not to hurt people. If everybody followed this beatitude - the results would be explosive!

Let pray about that - and then throw your fun snap on the floor.

POST SUMMER UPDATE: How did it go?

The whole teaching for this went really well (What is written above is only a very small snapshot of the teaching) - mainly because the children on the camp had given me so many wonderful examples of the opposite to meek that I could use!!

You would think this prayer activity would cause a riot wouldn’t you?!
It had an enthusiastic response with both groups, and the children got what we were trying to do.

It was a military operation to get the 64 children on camp to throw them at the same time, but the majority did go off at the same time!

The only down side for the children at the conference was the strength needed to throw the snap hard enough - all of our 5 and 6 year olds had to try twice. (Plus one child with the ‘naggers’ who wanted to make a point by throwing it a few seconds after everyone else - but his bid for independence in this was over shadowed by the younger ones doing it twice!)

I gave the chemical compound for fun snaps as part of the teaching, (as given on a website), but having repeated the teaching at church on Sunday - I was corrected by someone who knows about these things. So, if you see a website that says Silver nitrate - it’s wrong, it’s actually silver fulminate (Thanks to Ray Smith for correcting me on this)

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