Friday, 22 January 2016

A New Season and a New Blog

So, a new season begins!

And along with it - a new blog space.

I'll now be blogging over at "Pondering platypus", a new site I've built using wix. I went for wix just because it's more accessible for me, and I can make everything on it more accessible for my readers.

But that's not the only reason for the change...

This is a brand new season for me, and I wanted a fresh start on many levels.

I also wanted to shake off some labels.

I've become known only for the work I do for and with those who have additional needs and disabilities... and yet I do a whole lot more than that. The additional needs and disability work probably only makes up 20 - 30% of my time. It is my passion to see proper inclusion and belonging, but I am also passionate about all things to do with children and families.

When I'm asked to write or speak - it tends to be only about additional needs.

I sometimes wonder if this is because I am myself disabled and people assume that this is all I fight for and am passionate about.

Like any other disabled person, I have other passions and interests, and also like other disabled people, I dislike being put into a box labeled "disabled speaker". ( I also suffer from the assumption I can't speak due to my disability, and the idea it would be too difficult to accommodate a disabled speaker - but that's a whole different problem!)

I am passionate about additional needs because in my history I saw poor inclusion and wanted to do something about it. I saw that kids with additional needs were rarely seen as able to have a lifelong relationship with God and I wanted to teach folk how to remedy that. That passion DIDN'T come from being disabled, it came from seeing a need and wanting to meet it. I wasn't disabled then.

Note that I said I AM passionate - not was passionate.
But I am passionate about it within a much bigger picture of children and family work, also within how the church treats and relates to children and family ministry in general.

I am passionate about building life long resilient faith in all children - no matter what their ability is. I'm passionate about caring for all vulnerable children, no matter what their need and geographical location.

So in this new season, please see past the wheelchair and see the passion I have for children - regardless of ability or situation.

See you over at 'Pondering Platypus'!

NOTE: I will be leaving this site live as it still has many hits on old posts.

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