Friday, 14 February 2014

Why Would A Parent Choose Euthanasia?

Belgium is on it’s way to legalising euthanasia for children - it just needs the signature of the King.

So, Christians are all over the country are now mobilising to sign petitions that are directed at the King to stop this becoming law.

They are rightly concerned that this sets a precedent for other countries to follow.
But I wonder…….

Have any of those who are ferociously and rightly fighting this actually thought through what would make a parent seek euthanasia for their child?
For some - possibly yes, for others…. possibly not.

Let’s walk in that parent’s shoes for a moment - especially if it was happening in this country:

You watch you child suffer day in day out with no relief.

Every day you have to fight, and fight and fight some more to get what your child needs.

There is little help/support for you as a parent. You are grieving, tired and battle weary. Then there's your other children who are suffering too.

You are helpless to make it better.

You’re sick of all the really long forms you have to fill in just to try and get a little bit of help.

You can’t get to church, in fact it’s been so long now that you have ceased to exist in their eyes.

If this is a long term illness, you know that when you are no longer there to care for your child - it is highly unlikely that there will be a place for them where adequate care will be given. (This is not a subjective “No one can do it as well as me” - I have friends with substantive disabilities who are not adequately cared for. This is a real issue for parents)

For a parent to consider this - it must be bad for them. They won’t choose it because it’s a convenient choice. It will be an agonising choice, and the only one they feel they can make.

Please, have mercy on those parents who will support this law.

In my mind I ask the questions “Why are parents seeking this? Where is the church for these parents? Why aren’t churches giving support?” and I naughtily (And probably unfairly) answer “They’re too busy signing petitions”

Here’s a challenge: If you’re going to sign petitions - be prepared to be part of the solution too.

For the record - I don't agree with this law, but I also have huge compassion for those who feel they have no other choice.

I dream of the day when the 'Church' steps up and makes this law look like a bad option rather than the only option.

Note: The walking in a parent’s shoes list is based on actual comments I regularly hear from parents.

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