Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Discrimination On Our Doorsteps

There's a lot being said about rights and discrimination - especially with recently having International Women's Day.

That's great - fighting for rights is always good, especially when we hear stories in the news from countries like India.

All over the UK I've been watching women talking about rights and discrimination, all motivated with one common aim - Brilliant.

I must admit that on that day Twitter felt like a mass 'back slapping' exercise with all the in crowd of 'wonderful' people quoting the names of other wonderful people - a world I definitely didn't fit into. 

I then went over to Facebook to look at the various forums I'm in: One for parents who look after kids with additional needs - mainly mums, another for people who want to see church more accessible - many ladies on there. Then there are my female Facebook and twitter friends who are either carers or have a disability/additional need.

No one was celebrating them.

One lady talked about her heart ache of not being included in church life because of not just her additional needs, but her child's too. Still another friend struggling to gain access to what she needed to be able to worship. And yet another wanting to serve, but being passively discriminated against because of her disability.

There is discrimination on our doorsteps, but the church largely remains silent, preferring to fight the corner for more 'fashionable' causes.

People are hurting, gifted people are being over looked and many, many people can't even hear the Gospel because of this discrimination.

What are we going to do about it?

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