Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Holiday For Families Who Have a Child With Mobility Difficulties Or Complex Needs

Latitude is a residential retreat, run by Children Worldwide.

It is a pilot event that we hope will grow into more specialist residential retreats in the future.

Latitude Means: freedom, space, liberty, free rein, room to manoeuvre, elbow room, wiggle room, freedom of action.

This is what we want to provide.

19th January 2013 Update

I will start by saying that this venture is still going ahead! But we need to explain our journey.

We had almost filled this camp, but with a combination of deteriorating health, the weather, and one of the children passing away our numbers dropped.

We still had one firm booking and the possibility of a second.

We had to seek God in what we should do. He answered in various ways, including a gift that would almost cover the short fall. Along with our trustees, we have decided to go ahead - it's worth it!

A small group of our members will be researching the possibility of a another more specialist holiday retreat in 2014 at a more central location - We will carry more info on this as and when when we have definite plans in place. We also hope to carry on with this one at Dalesdown too, and will be booking another date for next year.

But for now - here is what we are doing with the event in February.

We now have two families definitely booked in. We would love more.
We have appropriate staff and we have funding.

We have redefined who can come: Any family who have a child with a physical disability who would benefit from this style of holiday/retreat. This could be complex needs, it could be any form of mobility difficulty.

The idea is to pamper, to give parents a chance to talk to other parents, to give the children and their siblings a chance to meet with others. To rest, to have fun - and just 'be'.

Our payment policy is now either "Pay what you can afford" or, asking churches to sponsor families by paying what they can afford. If this is just for food - then fine..... we just want families to come!

What Can You Do?

If you are the parent of a child who fits these criteria - please book, for your whole family. Even if you can't afford it - still book, we have funding and we can find a way around the money! If a weekend is too much and you live locally - just book in for a day!
If your child's health is up and down and it's difficult to commit - sign up, explain and then decide on the day - we don't mind (If we need to do an extra trip to the shops for food - it's not a problem!)

Email and ask questions if you need to (Address on the poster above)

This weekend is for you - tell us how you need us to help you.

If you are a kids/youth leader or a church leader - refer families to us.

If you don't have some one who is able to come, but you are in touch with families who fit these criteria, come up one day to see what we're doing and why and find out what you can do as a leader. Just let us know you are coming and when.

This is a huge vision - and a long held one.

Kay Morgan-Gurr
General Director, Children Worldwide

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