Thursday, 30 August 2012

What did you think of the Paralympic opening ceremony?

So what did you think of the Paralympic opening ceremony?

It was technically brilliant. All the volunteers that took part were awesome and inspiring - the skill involved was breathtaking. It was signed too - wonderful! To look at, it was spectacular….

What about the message behind it? 
It told us of our scientific back ground. 
It told us to explore. 
The quote “Look at the stars, not at your feet” - a call to be all that we can be.
The closing song “I am What I am” the common mantra of today’s world. 

This was inspiring a generation to achieve, to look only to themselves and to say to the world “I Am What I Am - deal with it!” (In the context of acceptance this is great, but in the context of “I’m not prepared to change” it can be selfish.)

But where was the hope? The hope of a future, the hope of a generation. Sadly, I saw no hope.

I saw joy - the joy of achieving, of taking part, of making history, the sheer ecstasy of just being there. But what about when it’s all over - what then? It’s then that hope is needed most. The children who have been and will be inspired because of the Paralympics need more than “I Am What I Am”. They need Hope.

In the Olympic opening ceremony of a few weeks ago, there was a clear “God thread” as the “story” unfolded - the church’s influence on our history clear. But in this opening ceremony we saw the opposite - it appears in this instance that when it come to history - the Church has no part…… I wonder why that is….?

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