Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Church - God's Brilliant Idea #2

Church is God's brilliant idea - but "The Church" is much more than just me or you. Church is made up of lots of people, and all play a vital part. This includes children - yes... Children!

Many times I hear the comment "The children are the church of tomorrow". In part - this is true, but I would argue that they are also a part of the church today, a part of the Church now - this very minute. They don't suddenly become part of the church when they turn 18.

A lot of what I want to say on this subject has already been eloquently written and discussed on Krish Kandiah's blog:
It takes a whole church… | krish kandiah  and A Lost Generation? | krish kandiah

Do read these - and the many comments that have been left in response - they make enlightening reading!

Tomorrow, I will be in London with many of my friends and colleagues in children's work, meeting with the Evangelical Alliance council to discuss the exodus of young people from the church. I will be debating the question "Is church toxic to our children's faith?"
I'll publish my comments on it in a separate blog later - where I will comment more on the subject "God's Brilliant Idea Actually includes children".

Meanwhile - do pray for the meeting tomorrow, for discussion on the day, and ongoing discussions afterwards. Please pray that the day will have a lasting impact on children's work and the way "The Church" views and accepts children in the future.

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