Monday, 16 January 2012

It's Good To Be Shy!

Many Children’s workers are either introverts, or shy, or very reserved…. Or any combination of the three - and I think this is good.

So why do folk always think that children’s workers are extroverts? 
It’s strange really. Many may feel comfortable working in front of the children they serve, which is why people mistake them for extroverts - but put them infront of anyone else….. Uh oh!

I’ve met lots of children’s workers over my 20+ years as a kids worker, and the introverts far outnumber the extroverts.

Tools for disguising this introverted and shy nature are many: Learning how to use a puppet is one - you can hide behind a puppet. Being a good actor is also good - you can act as though you are confident! Being a good musician or good at leading action songs is also great for fooling people that you are an extrovert! 

A few of these children’s workers have broken the mold….slightly….. by starting to blog about things. Blogging is easier than talking face to face, and is another good tool for tricking people into thinking they are extroverts!

They rarely fight for themselves - but fight ferociously for the children. They feel uncomfortable talking about themselves - but are more than happy to talk about the kids! They don’t rate themselves as important - but think children’s work is vital. Being able to talk about their passion for kids work is easy - but only with their peers who are also children’s workers…..

They won’t say what they think or give an opinion, because they assume people don’t want to know. And that’s a shame - because they have much to say that is good and helpful.

But I believe it’s good to be a shy, reserved introvert. Why? You're more likely to rely on God, and you get along side the kids that would normally get overlooked because they are also quiet and reserved.

Me? Well, yes - I’m also one of the shy, reserved introverts. But I’ve managed to fool most people over the last 20 years! And yes, like others, because I don’t say an awful lot most of the time, people assume I don’t have much to say at all……… But I do…… :o)


  1. Kay, I love this! I so agree with what you've said. Thanks for making me feel 'normal' :-)

  2. ... and some are so shy and introverted they worry about clicking on the " comment"/ " share"/ " publish" buttons... but I'm giving it a try !! :-) . Really fantastic blog.


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